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Dudel Rush

Dudel Rush is a recreational project, originally created for a game jam (GMTK Jam 2020). Our Objective was to match the event’s theme of ‘Out of Control’ with the drawing game genre to create a chaotic coloring game.


  • Programming 

  • Design 

​Art was handled by Ariana Tomcsak.


Dudel Rush - Game Loop.png

1 - Initial Pitch

With the limited development time of 2 days, we started by holding a brainstorming session in which we arrived at the idea of a drawing game. The core mechanic of coloring, a leisurely and childish activity, gave us an unconventional take on the theme, and created space to explore the design and technical requirements of adding and measuring skill in a coloring game.

Early Game Loop

2 - Technical Research

It was decided that the player would be evaluated on their ability to color in a drawing so that it matches a given fully colored preview. It was my responsibility to find and execute a modular solution that would work with any art piece that was put into the game to be colored.

To do this, I capture textures from the game’s screen and project's assets and read their pixel data. The final solution compares different stages of a drawing to conclude the success rate of the player's coloring:

  1. Save the preview of the drawing as texture A

  2. Save the uncolored drawing as texture B

  3. Capture the player's colored drawing as texture C

  4. Read and calculate the similarity percentage of the colored pixels in texture A to those of texture C

Cow 3Color.png
Cow 3Lineart.png

    Colored Preview ,Texture A      Uncolored Drawing, Texture B        Colored Drawing, Texture C

This solution allowed for any drawing to work with the game through the generation of textures A and B, which made implementing art into the game a quick and simple process. 

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