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Sago Mini Unity Developer Internship

Working at Sago Mini

When working at Sago Mini, a company focused on early childhood learning through fun, I was responsible for 2 projects while under the guidance of fellow coworkers.

My responsibilities included the full implementation of the required features for both projects, technical design and low-level game design, source control, and documentation of my work.

The two projects I worked on were released in the pets category of the Sago Mini School application:

  • Emotion Match: a digital toy that teaches children about emotion recognition.

  • Mindfulness: a prototype for a digital toy that acts as a breathing exercise

Emotion Match


​Emotion match is a slot machine-like game that uses its element of surprise to encourage children to engage with identifying emotions in facial expressions. I was brought on board to take an existing prototype of the digital toy and re-create it for release as the product shown above.



Mindfulness is a breathing exercise game focused on calming and teaching children to be mindful of themselves. I was brought on board to create a prototype that was later turned into the product shown above.


  • Programming​

    • Implemented all features. ​

    • Used both composition and inheritance to make a scalable product that was easy to change or add to.
    • ​Created a semi-automated tool that made it easier to re-create, reskin, and set up the product in a variety of different ways.

  • Low-level design ​​​
    • Designed an interface that maximized and rewarded engagement while being easy to use.​
  • Collaboration

    • Maintained frequent communication through progress updates.​


  • Programmed a prototype into a polished and ready-for-release product.

  • Collaborated within a small team to achieve a cohesive design.

  • Explored my passion for tool development to meet the team's need for ease of the product's reusability.


  • Design

    • Brainstormed and Ideated with colleagues on how to best visually and mechanically represent the concept for this digital toy.

  • Programing​

    • Implemented the required mechanics and visual representations, refining them through iteration.

  • Collaboration ​

    • Held meetings with fellow coworkers for their expertise, and updated them on my progress for feedback.​


  • Designed and created a prototype that was later green-lit and released.

  • Collaborated with artists to achieve the intended experience. 

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